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Hi! My name is Darius and I’m an ambitious Computer Science and MBA – Information Systems graduate who is currently specializing in product leadership roles. I enjoy bridging the  world of business with that of technology, linking customer and market demand to value driven development efforts. I’m efficient at working within time constraints and with a team, have high levels of citizenship behavior and a proactive work ethic. My understanding of programming logic and software architecture is complimented with a well cultivated business background focused on driving value through technology. I’m a passionate thought leader with strong presentation abilities motivated towards innovation and productivity. I’m a promoter of automation & AI with acumen for translating business needs and requirements into technological solutions. I enjoy uncovering simple solutions to complex problems. I have strong focus on business consultation through process standardization and optimization. As a human centered product leader, I treat my coworkers and team as customer 0, looking to empower their thoughts and drive bottoms up innovation and continual process improvement.

Business and technology are more closely intertwined than ever before. As automation, AI, and robotics eliminates low complexity labor, we are facing an era where decisions should be focused not only on how automation will replace human capital, but on how big data and machine/deep learning can facilitate and ultimately increase a workers efficiency, accuracy, and more. It is my goal to ensure that the technology I work on is aligned to provide the greatest benefit to society as a whole. Just as importantly, I believe in fostering a healthy working environment and taking leadership to ensure product and business outcomes in a trusting and productive team environment. I lead using a “Human Centered Product Management” philosphy, which puts the wellbeing and empowerment of employees and customers at the forefront of product delivery.

What are my main work drivers & interests? To me, the three words that encompass what drive me most are: Innovation. Automation. Optimization. These are the same three words that the software company, Pericror, are founded upon. These same principles that drive my product and service decisions, drive me to deliver clear and differentiated value in the workplace. Underpinning these three tenants is my desire to improve experience, especially for the employee or customer. I strive to be a champion for the needs of the people, while being aware of the reality of business constraints.

I enjoy all things technology and always look ahead to emerging trends, whether on the consumer or business side. By closing the gap between man and machine, and by increasing the harmony between the two, we will empower ourselves into the next era.



  • Business Consulting 80%
  • Software Demonstrations 95%
  • Product Management 85%
  • Software Development (Java, Javascript, Python) 65%
  • Website Development (HTML, WordPress) 75%
  • IT Service & Operations Management 80%
  • Leadership 70%



Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation – License 22578657
DevOps Institute

Certified System Administrator – License 01006281

Certified ScrumMaster – License 000582981
Scrum Alliance

Certified ITIL Foundation Service Management v3 – License 9553
Axelos Global Best Practice

Certified ITIL Foundation Service Management v4 – GR671072650DK
Axelos Global Best Practice

Certified IT4IT Foundations
The Open Group

Value Selling: Marketing
Visualize – Inc

Great Demo! Workshop



Identifying clusters for service management operations – US20180365700A1

Virtual agent conversation service – US20190104092A1

Augmented reality assistant – US20190244425A1







Problem Solving

Product Strategy

Communication & Teamwork

Technical Blogs & Videos

Demos & Presenting

Product Management Director

Current human centered product leader driving team based experiences and service reliability management for the 1 Billion dollar + ITOM line of business, previously focused on the core 3 Billion dollar+ ITSM segment. I lead a team of product managers focused on providing service reliability through innovative portfolio capabilities & market adjacencies in SRE. Previous product leader for an internal innovation team focusing on achieving differentiation & innovation using emerging and new technology. Focused on productizing differentiated use cases that provide value & delight by infusing experiences and value chain activities with technologies such as supervised/unsupervised machine learning, natural language processing, mixed reality, and more. Developing a culture of innovation through hackathons, proof of concept explorations, and influencing architectural changes to allow for at-scale AI applications through data aggregation & retention. Disrupted ServiceNow’s traditional product delivery & GTM model through a modern SaaS PLG product (now deprecated) delivery approach including rapid releases, embedded vendor APIs, and cross-customer data learning and insights.

ServiceNow | March 2022 – Today

Senior Principle Product Manager

Product Owner in a agile SCRUM & SAFe environment for applications included in the companies core 2 Billion dollar+ ITSM segment. Founding product manager bringing a 0-1 innovative new incident response product to market that redefined the companies GTM motion using PLG and bottoms up selling, focused on platform, support strategy, AI & incident response automation. Acting PO and PM leading a globally distributed team of 40+ designers, software/quality engineers, researchers, and doc writers. Previously focused on employee experience opportunities to improve productivity by consolidating ESM requests and providers through a consumerized and proactive information delivery model. Directly involved in bringing artificial intelligence ML/NLP solutions such as a virtual agent to the market, as well as simplifying user experience through optimized engagements like a walk up contact channel, self service password reset, and unified employee portal. Managed products at different phases of lifecycle, from inception to maintenance and deprecation. More than doubled the number of customers (300 to 800) on a product over a one year period. At the same time, reduced product redline by .3 through product simplification and proactive customer driven enhancements. Developed product vision and roadmap, evangelized customer needs, and worked closely with the engineering, marketing, support, and pre-sales teams. Delivered business and technical presentations highlighting feature value. Received distinctions as ITSM BU MVP, multiple Video Awards, as well as top quarterly community participant for more than 6 quarters.

ServiceNow | July 2016 – March 2022

Technical Marketing Engineer

Worked as Customer Success/Subject Matter Expert to facilitate successful implementations and generate complex solutions for high value accounts. Retained 80% of non-renewing customers engaged with. Highest tier technical resource for all escalations from Sales & Technical PreSales, Support, Professional Services, and Product Management. Generated enablement content for pre and post sales resources internally. Acting as community thought leader through video and written resources that optimize platform functionality and provide solutions to existing pain points or perceived inabilities, gaining over 35,000 views on content annually.

ServiceNow | November 2015 – July 2016

Associate Solution Consultant

Conducted value driven software demonstrations of the ServiceNow platform to a broad audience ranging from System Administrator to CIO, across various industries. Demoes directly tied to 75 new logos & 2.5 million in ACV. Completed proof of concept implementations & responded to request for proposals. Helped advise launch of SMB market ‘Express’ product alongside company Demo Center, a team built to provide scalability to the field. Made internal Demo Center process recommendations that reflected 600% improvement in time to completion. In addition, developed webinar process automation through WebEx integrations that reduced manual task overhead by 95%.

ServiceNow | July 2014 – November 2015

Software & Quality Engineer

Completed bug testing/quality assurance and front end development of a HTML5/PHP/JavaScript web based (satellite) data cataloging software. Worked in a linux environment. Led customer software presentations/demos, provided customer software support, and created sales and marketing lead acquisition automation (VBA) that was 400% more effective in generating leads, and reduced human error.

SeaSpace | February 2014 – July 2014

Founder & CEO

Founded San Diego based IT & Marketing focused technology company Pericror, with the goals of enabling small business owners in the digital era & providing software solutions for unmet market needs in a scalable manner. Defined core product & service offerings, set pricing, and expanded engineering & marketing talent to meet customer demand. Example stand alone websites developed and owned by the company include affiliate marketing sites such as & &

Pericror | May 2012 – Today


Co-founded San Diego based Tok Wellness Company, which provides proprietary, simple and lab tested plant based dietary supplements. Established global supply chain and sourcing across vendors and defined brand image and digital presence.

Tok Wellness | March 2018 – Today

Designing Artificial Intelligence Products

This online coursework offered by the MIT xPro explored best practices and emerging technology related to productizing AI features for business value and improved human computer interaction. Created an AI feature proposal with technical implementation and business justification.

MIT xPRO | July 2021 – September 2021

Cloud & DevOps - Continuous Transformation

This online coursework offered by the MIT Professional Education covered hands on examples and case studies related to the adoption of cloud native & devops principles across agile corporations, including serverless, containers, cloud computing. Created an action plan for digital transformation of my current employer to align to modern trends.

MIT Professional Education | February 2021 – May 2021

Master of Business Administration - Information Systems

Relevant coursework includes: Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Business Statistics, Managerial Accounting, Business Economics, Marketing,  Operations & Supply Chain Management, Data Communications, Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, Financial Management, and Business Strategy. Capstone business consulting project included leading a team of 5 MBA students in providing analysis on risks and ethics implications of implementing AI at a Fortune 500 company.

San Diego State University | August 2015 – May 2020

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for business strategy

This online coursework offered by the MIT Sloan School of Management focused on how to take artificial intelligence technology and implement it in a business to provide strategic value along the lines of Michael Porter’s three domains of Cost Leadership, Differentiation, and Focus.

MIT Sloan School of Management | October 2017 – December 2017

Product Management Program

Attended a executive education program for Product Managers covering all aspects of product strategy, pricing, marketing, roadmap, etc. from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

University of California, Berkeley | September 2018

Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences - Computer Science

Graduated in three years Cum Laude and on the Dean’s List with a 3.52 cumulative GPA and completion of the University Honors Program, which includes the Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. Youngest recipient of recognition as a College of Sciences ‘Standout Graduate’ for 2014. Founding father of Theta Chi Fraternity on campus.

San Diego State University | August 2011 – May 2014

Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies

SDSU offers a Honors program to the top 4% of its students. This track involves a number of socratic classes, extracuriccular activities, and campus leadership for completion of the Minor, and is intended to teach inderdisciplinary thinking between majors. Founding president for Aztecs for Awareness, a student organization against sexual assault and violence.

Weber Honors College | August 2011 – May 2014

Study Abroad - Russia and Estonia in the European Dimension

As part of the Honors program, I attended a International Security & Conflict Resoluton study abroad experience in Estonia & Russia.

University of Tartu | Winter 2013

Testimonial 1

“One of the smartest people I’ve had the honor to work with and learn from. Customers love him, engineers respect him, and leadership keeps a close eye on him. Darius is thorough, focussed, and very polished. I hope to work with him again.”

– Keyvan Berenjian, Head of Business Development

Testimonial 2

“In my time as manager to Darius he has far exceeded expectations. He is highly skilled technically, tremendously motivated, an excellent communicator, and a natural innovator. His work here at ServiceNow has taken him into customer-facing situations involving complex business issues—the deep end of the pool. Without exception he has dispatched these duties to customer satisfaction and to the great benefit of the company.”

– Wally Marx, Director of Solution Consulting

Testimonial 3

“In his time at ServiceNow, Darius has become a well-respected and results driven Product Manager. Darius is an extremely detail oriented and hard working individual that serves as an inspiration and a role model to myself as well as many other around him. He plays a vital role in the performance of ServiceNow and handles his responsibilities with great success.”

– Hunter Wood, Sales Development Analyist

Testimonial 4

“Darius has been an absolute pleasure to work with while at ServiceNow. He is a true subject matter expert who continuously listens and applies key product enhancements which help negate prospect rebuttals and drive customer satisfaction. His ability to innovate, manage high expectations, and go outside the call of duty are second to none. Darius is a key asset every salesman would want on their team and I look forward to our continued professional relationship for years to come.”

– Nolan Mera, Commercial Account Manager

Testimonial 5

“Darius is an exceptional and rare talent – graced with technical acumen, unquenchable curiosity and a genuine interest in and capacity to use his talents and resources to solve real business problems and make real people happy to use the software he influences. In the 2 years I’ve worked with Darius at ServiceNow, his performance has earned him numerous promotions. He’s one of our strongest Product Managers and I’m excited to witness where the rest of his career takes him.”
– Jason Aloia, VP Product Management

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